SEO Client Questionnaire

  1. SEO Understanding:
    What is your level of understanding when it comes to SEO? Are you familiar with key SEO concepts such as keyword research, backlinks, competitor analysis, robots.txt file, etc.?
  2. SEO-Specific Needs:
    What specific SEO needs are you trying to address? Are there certain keywords you want to rank for or competitors’ keywords you want to target?
  3. SEO Goals:
    What are your main goals for this SEO project? Some possible outcomes could include increasing organic traffic, improving ranking for specific keywords, gaining higher visibility in local search results, outranking specific competitors, increasing the click-through rate from search results, or driving conversions through organic search traffic.
  4. Content Management System (CMS):
    Which CMS are you currently using? Will you provide access to creating additional pages (like a blog) and making edits to current pages?
  5. Analytics Access:
    Will you provide access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console?
  6. Competition:
    Who are your main competitors? Can you provide their websites and keywords for which they rank on the first page of search engine results?
  7. Target Audience Demographics:
    Could you please describe your target audience? What are their typical age, gender, education, and marital status?
  8. Timeline:
    What is your preferred timeline or urgency for seeing SEO results?
  9. Content Strategy:
    Could you describe your current content strategy and how it integrates with your current SEO efforts if any?
  10. In-House Developer:
    Do you have an in-house developer? If so, what level of support will be provided by this developer for the SEO project?
  11. Willingness to Change:
    Are you open to making changes to your website or content strategy based on our SEO recommendations?
  12. Approval Process:
    Do changes made to the website have to go through an internal approval process?
  13. Global Presence:
    Do you have any other offices around the country or the world?
  14. Budget:
    What is your budget for SEO services? Please note that our minimum rate is $1000 per month.